“So I Was The Face Of The Olympics…”

“So I Was The Face Of The Olympics…”

Wonder Woman Is Real

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with the inspiring Jayne Nisbet. Jayne traveled from London to work with me in sunny Glasgow and is a former GB Commonwealth Athlete, Scottish High Jump Champion and an all around fantastic lady.

The plan for this shoot was to update Jayne’s portfolio with both fitness and fashion images. Jayne had sent me six or seven reference images already so we knew what we were going for and were well prepared. I wanted to work with some bright backgrounds for this shoot rather than the usual studio white, gray, and black. I decided to go for a red (or power red as Jayne calls it!) and the mustard yellow with stunning results.

One of my favourite aspects of shooting with a person for the first time is getting them involved with ideas. It is always fun to work together to produce unique images that are inspired by a particular theme but are ultimately special in their own way. Jayne has so many ideas we will need to book out an entire day for the next one!

I asked Jayne before we started if she had modelled before or had any shoots and she very nicely said “Yeah, I was the face of the Olympics for SKY”.

Boring Photo Chat 

As it had only been a few days since my last spontaneous cash flurry, it was time  to spend some well earned dollar on some new photography gadgets.  I had my eye on a nice product called the MagMod Sphere. It is actually a speed light attachment that is used to create a beautiful and soft background light. When I shoot my fitness images, I work with some fantastic studio lights made by a company called PIXAPRO named the CITI 600s. They are powerful and portable wireless studio heads that always deliver and give me fantastic results. I was interested to see how one, tiny speed light would handle working with the big boys. Surprisingly, I only had the wee guy on 1/32 even though I was shooting at F9 with the CITI 600s at 1/8 and 1/4 power.  For any Phogoraphers reading this, the CITI 600s are similar in principle to the Profoto B1s however they are less then 50% of the investment and deliver 99% of the functionality. Check out http://www.essentialphoto.co.uk – they are fantastic.

The setup for this shoot was a four-light setup. I had two gridded strip softboxes either side of Jayne pointing back to the camera. This created a sharp edge and highlight down both sides of her body. My key light was a medium-sized (I think 1M) Octa fairly high above Jayne and above the camera from the front. The fourth light was the MagMod Sphere which was attached to my Canon 600ex-rt speed light. The Sphere was setup around 1 meter away from the background. I did have to experiment with the positioning of the MagMod Sphere to get what for me was the perfect shape to the background light. This was a simple process by moving the speed light further away or closer to the background and taking some test shots so that I could get it just right.

We only had one hour to shoot, but we managed to capture some fantastic images. Jayne is a great model, easy to work with and clearly looks like a beautiful fitness weapon of wonder.

What Happens After the shoot?

After the shoot, I load the images on to my systems on the same day, and if possible, I send the model a preview link with all of the images from the shoot. Of course I take away any mistakes that I have made or the camera has made, but it’s very important for me that the model gets to see the good quality of their work as quick as possible. I delivered just over 180 images to Jayne, and within a few days, she had narrowed it down to her 36 absolute top favorites.

I am absolutely delighted with the final images and so is Jayne, check them out below, and any comments or critique is of course welcome. Jayne is using these images to promote herself, her personal training business, and her blog, and I wish her all the very best of luck. She’s a fantastic model, a great lady, and I’m delighted that we had the time to shoot together.