PCA Scottish Championships

PCA Scottish Championships

PCA Scottish Championships: First class All round

This past weekend saw the PCA Scottish Championships come to Motherwell Concert Hall. A total of nearly 100 Athletes took to the stage to display themselves in front of a 600 + strong audience.

I had the pleasure of being the official show photographer and it was both a pleasure and an inspirational experience to witness so many people having the time of their lives on stage. In literally every class I was blown away by not only the physique conditioning but also the energy bursting from the competitors. Being 6.1, skinny and the cultivator of a nice wee tea belly I can tell you that I have never pushed myself to anywhere near the level of performance on display at the weekend. I can only image the will power, strength of character and determination required never mind the balls of steel to stand up on that stage in tiny, sparkly pants and have a room full of people critique your super human efforts.

I would like to sincerely congratulation every single person that was involved in the PCA Scottish Championships.

It was indeed, my pleasure.

Here are a few preview images of a few of the fantastic competitors.

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