My Editing

The Camera Never Lies… Really??

Apparently Beyonce employs a team of 12 – SAY WHAT? – ¬†(yes!!) Digital Retouchers who act as the layer of “quality control” between her face and the World’s media. The fact of the matter is that 99.9% of all images we ever see are re-touched in one way or another. I actually enjoy the creative editing journey as much as the photography. It is sooooo relaxing to sit with some tunes on and be creative for a few hours editing and creating. Photoshop is quite a tool however I have managed to get my small drummer brain around about 5% of what it is capable of in order to create my final edits.


If you are in any way interested, my thoughts on editing are simple. I never change a persons body shape (unless the beg or pay me shit loads of cash) and really believe that getting everything right “in camera” means that I can enhance an image without destroying it.¬†Please have a play with the sliders below to see the out of camera image and the final edit. The great thing about a creative art is that it is always a subjective discussion and, at the same time, a moving target.


I love editing.








If you are a genetic wonder, shredded out of rock OR just a great person looking for some sports images please get in touch.

t: 0754 100 3030 – ianbarclay@gmail.com