Wole Adesemoye

Wole Adesemoye

Location: London Luton Studio

I approached Wole after seeing his profile pop up several times on my social wall and it was clear that he was a prevalent figure in the UK fitness industry. I am always keen to shoot with male fitness Athletes simply due to the fact that 90% of people that I work with are ladies.

Wole arrived 45 mins early, which believe me never happens and from the moment he walked into the Studio I knew he was a top Gent. Meeting so many different people in my life has given me a highly tuned 6th sense for working out who the good people are and thankfully who the not so good people are, Wole is the former. A true Gentleman and a professional all the way.

It is always an interesting and rewarding challenge working with an Athlete with Wole’s skin tone as it requires a different lighting and camera setup. It allows me to really emphasise the shadows which makes for a brilliant fitness image and once dialed in, we were good to go. We shot mainly against the graffiti wall of the Studio however then decided to pop downstairs to the Boxing academy as I had spotted a fantastic roller shutter door. You can see for yourself below that we managed some powerful images. Wole is a long term sponsored Athlete of the global band maximuscle and is in high demand across London.

I would not want to wrestle Wole with an Army of Spartans behind me.

If you are keen to shoot with me just get in touch.