AXIOM Sirens

AXIOM Sirens

Location: Beat Theory Fitness

What do you get when you add me, £10K of photography equipment, a fantastic location and 3 fitness babes together? Please see the results below!!

I have about 42,916 images of these crazy ladies from my shoot in Glasgow and all are worth an edit! 2 Stripboxes and a medium overhead Octa from #pixapro mixed with some skooshy spray, a dash of tasteful photoshop to colourgrade the images and a touch of luck helped make these images. The girls look fantastic and it was a fun shoot.

The not so great thing about this shoot was that my Canon 5D3 camera died during the test shots. A sprint up Buchanan Street to Jessops and a small fortune later to pick up another camera meant we were good to go. Quite often photography is all about problem solving and the biggest problem is quite clearly if you don’t have a camera. Persistence beats resistance however and we managed to get some fantastic shots. When you buy the best equipment you don’t ever expect things to fail. The learning from this experience is that I now not only have a back up but a back up for the backup!

We ere actually a little rushed during the shoot only because everything was going so well. The girls were all fantastic in front of the lens and I could honestly have shot with them for days.

If you are keen to shoot with me just get in touch.