Anyone for a cheeky wee roll?

Anyone for a cheeky wee roll?

Location: Glasgow Studio

Claire is absolutely bananas… in a great way!

She is also very photogenic and we captured some lovely images during our Studio shoot in Glasgow. For me, the strongest shots of the shoot are the ones where Claire is wearing her Jiu Jistsu Gi. The bright blue material, Claire’s skin tone, lips on the grey studio background make a very pleasing combination.

Although this was essentially a fitness shoot I edited these images with a more beauty perspective in mind. I intentionally moved all the lights closer to Claire so that we could achieve a softer light. This worked really well and as you ca see, her skin tone is beautiful. I think it is very important in this world of camera trickery and photoshop to edit with careful consideration and a strong sense of reality. I had to remind myself of this more than a few times whilst editing these images! I have taken them to the maximum point of believable perfection and I am delighted with the end result.

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